What Do Urologists Treat In Women?

There are certain conditions that women go through, which require them to consult a specific specialist to get treatment. Just like men have conditions such as erectile dysfunction or impotence, women also experience conditions related to the urinary tract system.

However, in both cases where the women or man faces a concern regarding the urinary tract or reproduction system, a urologist will be the one they need to seek advice.

What Do Urologists Treat In Women?

While urologists treat both men and women, this post focuses on when a woman should see a urologist and what conditions and diseases do they treat in women. We’ll be covering everything you need to know, so invest a few minutes and continue reading.

Who Is A Urologist?

First, we must cover what urology is. It is the branch of medicine that concentrates on surgical and medical diseases that both men and women face with their urinary tract system. This system produces, stores, and excretes urine from the human body.

Urologists treat all related diseases and conditions, including conditions with the bladder, adrenal glands, and kidney-related issues.

They use their expertise and knowledge of urology to find a solution and proper treatment for the patient. All treatments and examinations may vary depending on the severity of the case.

Types Of Urolgical Treatments for Women

The following are the specific diseases of the urinary tract system that a woman may encounter and must visit a urologist for medical help.

Urinary Tract Conditions

It is common among women to encounter a urinary tract infection at some stage in life. This infection occurs only when the bacteria enter the urinary tract. It can cause a burning sensation while urinating, which is also a symptom of an infection in their urinary tract.

Urinary tract infection in the bladder can be painful; you may feel a sudden need to urinate and go to the bathroom constantly. However, they will also have trouble when it times to urinate. If the infection spreads to your kidneys, it can lead to complications.

A common method urologists use to treat this infection is using antibiotics.

Trouble Controlling The Bladder

This trouble of controlling the bladder occurs in women of all ages but is most common when they are older. Women are more prone than men to go through this problem. The loss of control on the bladder is also known as urinary incontinence.

What happens when women have this condition is that they face problems while holding back the urine. Urinary incontinence may result in leakage in circumstances where the body is under stress and makes sudden or rapid movements such as sneezing or even coughing.

It is also quite common to have a persistent urge to urinate during and post-pregnancy. This problem usually occurs when the bladder does not have any strong support from the muscles surrounding them. Urologists can simply look into the severity of your situation and proceed with the relative treatment.

The most common method of preventing this problem from occurring or treating it when it does happen is to exercise. It is good to work on your pelvic floor muscles as they support the bladder. Besides, if the case is too severe, the urologist may prescribe medication or opt for surgery.

Cancer In The Parts Of The Urinary Tract

A very severe condition that develops in multiple parts of the urinary tract is cancer in the bladder, kidneys, and the urethra. This condition may result in pain while urinating and even blood in the urine.

What Problems do Urologists Treat In Women?

Other than this, a patient may feel intense pain in the lower back area and will have the urge to constantly go to the bathroom. You may feel pelvic pressure, painful urination, and discomfort in the lower abdomen.

The urologist may perform a cystoscopy to see inside your bladder and urethra. They might do biopsies and perform cystectomy to remove the bladder. Urologists may also treat this disease through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

Bladder Falls From Original Position (Bladder Prolapse)

This is condition happens when the muscles or walls that are in the middle of the vagina and bladder lose strength. This results in the bladder to fall from its original position into the vagina. Women who have recently gone through pregnancy are more prone to develop this condition.

Other than this, women who tend to lift heavy things, whether related to home chores or heavyweight lifting may also be prone to this condition. Obesity is another reason for this to happen, and growing age may also result in this condition to occur in some women. This is mostly due to hormonal changes as women grow older.

Surgery is the main treatment for this particular condition. The urologist would do the necessary research and devise the right procedure to get the bladder back to its original position.

Fifth Avenue Urology: Experts In Female Urological Conditions

As you can see, preceding were some of the urological conditions and diseases that affect women. If you ever go through any of these conditions or face early symptoms of a particular condition, do not hesitate to visit a urologist. Whether you feel the persistent need to urinate, pelvic pain, or other issues, contact Fifth Avenue Urology today. We have a dedicated team of urologists to help you with your conditions.


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