Top Urological Problems in Females

What are the most common urological problems in females? Urological problems can prevent you from enjoying simple everyday activities. While these issues are most common in men, women face them too. Fortunately, most urological conditions are curable and treatable. All you need to do is get help from a seasoned professional. In this piece, we will talk about urological issues faced by most women. If you notice any of the conditions and their symptoms mentioned in this piece, consider discussing them with your doctor.

Top Urological Problems in Females

Overactive Bladder

Contrary to popular belief, OAB or overactive bladder isn’t a disease. Instead, it is a combination of different urinary symptoms, the most common being an uncontrolled and sudden need to pass urine. In most cases, getting an overactive bladder is merely a side effect of becoming older. However, lifestyle factors like drinking alcohol excessively, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much caffeine, etc., can also result in OAB.

Your urologist may ask you to make certain changes in your lifestyle, like lowering alcohol and caffeine intake. If these don’t work, they might prescribe you some medicine and physical therapy. Doctors sometimes suggest invasive procedures like implanting a bladder pacemaker or administering botox injections.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This condition usually occurs when the bladder or any other pelvic organ prolapses or drops from its place. In most cases, this happens because of weakened muscles holding the organ. Generally, these organs become weak because of surgery or childbirth.

The falling organ usually pushes against the vagina’s wells, which causes women to feel or see a bulge within the vagina. Sometimes, this causes them much discomfort when trying to sit. Worse, simple things like coughing or standing can worsen pelvic pressure.

If you notice these issues and discuss them with a urologist, they may suggest a surgical procedure to fix them. However, surgery isn’t necessary for every case, and your doctor will suggest ways to manage your condition depending on your particular symptoms.

Urinary Tract Infection

This problem can occur in almost any part of your urinary system. However, the most common UTI cases happen in the urethra and the bladder, which is the lower area of the urinary tract. While this issue impacts both women and men, the former are usually at a higher risk of facing it. If you think you have a urinary tract infection, make sure you address it right away. Not managing and treating this condition on time can result in serious issues, especially if the infection goes to your kidneys.

Urologists usually diagnose this issue by identifying lifestyle factors like constipation or fluid intake. Then, they look for certain anatomic problems and suggest vaginal creams if they spot any issues with your anatomy. Creams can be especially helpful for postmenopausal women as it helps them adjust pH levels to promote healthy bacterial growth.

Postpartum Urinary Incontinence

Involuntary leakage of urine is often referred to as postpartum urinary incontinence. This issue is common among new mothers and causes them to leak urine when performing strenuous activities, sneezing, coughing, or laughing.

Urological Problems in Females Women

Urological Problems in Females: Final Thoughts

The conditions mentioned in this piece can become a massive obstacle and prevent you from performing certain activities. For this reason, it is important to consult with professional urologists like those at Fifth Avenue Urology.

Contact us to book an appointment, and we will provide our best urologists to evaluate your condition and suggest the best possible treatment. Remember, treatments and medicines for urological conditions often vary, depending on an individual’s condition. Once our doctors thoroughly check your medical history, they will create a well thought out recovery plan suited especially for you.

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