Most Common Urological Conditions

What are some of the most common urological conditions? Our urinary system puts in a great deal of effort for managing, regulating, and eliminating the waste in our urine. It includes several moving parts like your bladder, ureters, urethra, and kidneys. Like other organs inside our bodies, the urinary system can also encounter various issues. These conditions or problems are usually known as urologic diseases or urologic problems. You can encounter these problems regardless of ethnicity, gender, or age.

It directly impacts your urinary tract, whether you are a man or a woman. Urological diseases can also cause problems in the reproductive organs of men. In this piece, we will talk about common urological conditions that affect women and men and possible ways to treat them.

Most Common Urological Conditions Male

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence can result in leakage, and both men and women can encounter this problem. However, women face this issue more commonly, and it happens whenever the muscles supporting your bladder become weak. Most doctors suggest their patients make massive lifestyle changes to avoid or treat this issue. In women, a process called urethral balking can also improve the bladder’s functioning.

Overactive Bladder

People get an overactive bladder when their bladder is unable to hold urine. People who suffer from this condition lose their urine involuntarily because of a sudden and intense need to urinate. Your bladder’s muscles may begin contracting involuntarily. While there are several reasons why people may develop this condition, some common ones include tumors, bladder stones, UTIs, diabetes, and neurological disorders.

Some of the best ways to avoid this issue include staying at a healthy weight, staying active, and being proactive when managing diabetes and other chronic conditions. Doctors usually work with their patients to establish a bathroom schedule to train their bladders effectively. Additionally, certain medicines can also help people control their overactive bladder.

Urinary Tract Infections

It’s the most common urologic condition and often happens in women. Believe it or not, about sixty percent of women experience a urinary tract infection at some point. Meanwhile, the total percentage of men affected by this condition is around twelve percent. One of the main symptoms of a urinary tract infection is a frequent need to empty your bladder or a burning sensation.

Your doctor will likely ask you for a urine culture to properly diagnose this infection. Fortunately, treating this issue is relatively straightforward, as antibiotic treatments usually do the trick. Remember, treating this infection as soon as possible is vital to steer clear of further issues. It will also help you eliminate any complications later.

Most Common Urological Conditions Female

Prostate Cancer

This condition is among the top causes of cancer related deaths in men. Prostate cancer usually starts developing when your prostate cells start growing abnormally. The most effective way to successfully treat this form of cancer is by detecting it early, which is a major reason men must consider checking their prostate regularly.

Common Urological Conditions: Final Thoughts

If you or someone you know is experiencing the conditions mentioned above, consider consulting with a urological expert immediately. Fifth Avenue Urology can help you out. We have a team of seasoned urologists familiar with various treatments and procedures to treat different urological conditions. Once you book an appointment with us, our experts will take a detailed look at your medical history and determine the ideal treatment.

Then, they will advise you on how to proceed and if you need to make any lifestyle changes. Once you follow our expert advice, you will have a high likelihood of resuming your life without worrying about your condition exacerbating.

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