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Men suffer from various urological conditions, especially during the latter part of their lives. However, prostatitis is the most common and can affect young and old males. In this condition, the prostate becomes inflamed. Sometimes, prostatitis is asymptomatic, but you must still show it to a reliable urologist to learn whether you need to follow any preventive measures.

In most cases, people with prostatitis notice symptoms like painful or frequent urination. Issues like these can hinder their life, so you must go to the best urologist to treat your condition.

Common Treatment Options Used by the Best Urologists for Prostatitis

Urologists utilize a variety of treatments to help alleviate prostatitis symptoms or possibly eliminate them. Your age, medical history, condition severity, and other factors influence your doctor’s treatment options. Now, let us talk about the best forms of treatment to manage or cure prostatitis.

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Dietary Changes

You may want to minimize or eliminate items like coffee or alcohol from your diet. Doing so will help you prevent irritating your prostate and aggravating any symptoms. Your doctor may also advise you to stop consuming sodas and other sugary drinks as they can increase your prostate’s inflammation.

Smoking is also a big no no when suffering from a urological condition. Like sodas, products with tobacco can also cause inflammation in your prostate. Consider hydrating regularly and avoiding oily and spicy foods to manage your condition.

Changes in Your Lifestyle

Making certain changes in your lifestyle could help you manage prostatitis. Incorporating exercise in your daily routine (except bicycling) can be helpful. Some experts may also suggest you try an alternative therapy called biofeedback. This therapy may alleviate some of your symptoms and help you take control of your body.

Surgical Procedures

Usually, doctors reserve surgical procedures for people with severe urological diseases. You may not need to undergo surgery if your prostatitis is nonbacterial. However, your urologist may require surgery if you have a blocked urethra. Problems like this can occur in severe bacterial prostatitis and can be life threatening. Doctors also suggest surgery if the antibiotic treatments they prescribed fail to provide you any relief from your symptoms.


Doctors often prescribe medicines to help alleviate prostatitis symptoms. Medication does not work with every patient; some may only benefit from invasive procedures. Here are common medications prescribed by urologists:

Pain Medication: If you experience too much pain because of prostatitis, your doctor may provide you with pain meds to provide some relief from the symptoms.

Anti Inflammatory Medicine: Anti inflammatory medicine can relieve prostate inflammation and other symptoms.

Alpha Blockers: Taking alpha blockers could make your bladder feel relaxed, providing some symptom relief in the process.

Remember, taking medicines will most likely not be enough to manage prostatitis. While antibiotics have an excellent track record of treating inflammation, you must adopt certain lifestyle changes to recover effectively.

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Best Urologist: Prostatitis Final Thoughts

Suffering from prostatitis can be quite a painful predicament, especially if you are older. Letting this condition linger and not seeking immediate help can only worsen things. That’s why it is important to consult with the best urologist. At Fifth Avenue Urology, we have seasoned professionals to check your prostatitis.

Get in touch with us to book an appointment. Once our experts evaluate your medical history and current condition, they will counsel you on effectively managing your condition. Remember, the time to recover from or manage urological diseases often varies. So be patient and follow your doctor’s advice for a swift recovery.

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