Peyronie’s Disease Causes & Symptoms

What are the causes and symptoms of peyronie’s disease? Diseases or conditions near or on the genitals can be incredibly troublesome. Not only can they take a long time to heal, but also cause a lot of pain and discomfort, making it much harder for people to move around. One of these conditions is called the Peyronie’s Disease.

This disease affects the penis, and due to scar tissues or plaque forming inside the penis, you can experience serious pain. This disease is incredibly dangerous for the simple reason that the scar tissue can result in a bent erect penis, rather than usual straight erection. And although you can still have sex with Peyronie’s Disease, it can cause a lot of pain or lead to erectile dysfunction.


Not much is known about the causes for Peyronie’s Disease and how most men get it in the first place. There are a few known reasons for why men suffer from this disease, one of them is injury to the penis. An injury to the penis can be due to a multitude of reasons, from sporting injuries to experiencing damage to the penis during sex. But there is no specific cause for Peyronie’s Disease and it can be any number of possible outcomes.

Originally, when you get an erection, small sponge like tubes inside the penis receive an increase in the blood flow that makes the penis erect. On the other hand during this disease some of the blood vessels inside the sponge tubes block blood flow giving the penis a disfigured shape or even causing pain.


Symptoms for Peyronie’s Disease are quite easy to notice. Even if you are suffering from this condition for the first time, you can easily spot that something is wrong as most of the symptoms are very external. One of these symptoms is obviously a bent penis. If you see that your penis has a strange bend to it then it is very likely that you may be suffering from Peyronie’s Disease.

Another symptom is that you may be experiencing problems getting an erection or you feeling a scar tissue in your penis. Finding a scar tissue in your penis is very easy, as you can effectively feel out a strange lump or hard skin in your flaccid penis. You may also possibly witness your penis becoming shorter. Also, you may feel incredible pain while getting an erection.


Even if you do not have any of the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease, it is very possible for you to experience this condition throughout your life. There are certain factors that determine just how likely you are to get this disease. One of the factors is of age. As you grow older, it is a lot more likely for you to experience this disease, especially if you are older than the age of 55 years.

Other factors include your heritage. If your father or a family member has Peyronie’s Disease then it is very likely that you will also have it.


Peyronie’s Disease is a very serious condition that can not only lead to a lot of pain, but can eventually cause erectile dysfunction. So, if you are experiencing a particular bend in your erect penis, then it is probably best for you to visit a urologist.

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