I have erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment Options & Procedures

Many men who we see at our practice often opine, “I have erectile dysfunction.” We tell our patients that not having an erection once in a while should not bother them. We recommend the patients to consult our urologists only when they fail to have an erection consistently.

Our patients heave a sigh of relief when we make it clear to them that all types of ED can be cured. And Dr. Larish is thoroughly capable of dealing with both simple and complicated cases of ED. Treatment options for ED include topical medications, oral medicines, penile implant surgical procedure, and injectable medications.

Before we start treating, we carry out a thorough evaluation to determine and ensure the procedure that’ll be optimal for a particular patient. For a start, we try to bring the patient’s blood pressure and blood sugar under control. At the same time, we advise ED patients to completely stop smoking as the habit adversely affects one’s libido.

Medicinal Treatment

We suggest medicinal therapy as the first line of treatment, which can offer good results. Viagra, Levitra, Stendra, and Cialis are four PDE5 Inhibitors that are effective for more than 60% of men diagnosed with ED. Cialis is the most popular of all PDE5 Inhibitors as the medicine’s effects remain for nearly 36 hours and do not need to be taken on an empty stomach.

Nevertheless, we’ve seen from experience that these medicines do not work for more than 50% of men suffering from diabetes and ED. Alternatively

External Mechanisms

External mechanisms or devices like vacuum pumps medicated urethral options, and penile self-injection therapy rarely produces desired results in the long run. Very few men choose external devices for dealing with ED borne out by the extremely low replenishment and steep dropout rates.

The biggest reason why men choose to refrain from using external devices is the meticulous planning needed for such therapies.

Penile Implants

Men diagnosed with ED opt for penile implant procedure as a last resort when medications and external devices prove ineffective. For such men, we recommend IPP (internal penile pump), popularly referred to as ‘inflatable implant.’ Dr. Larish has the competency to install various kinds of penile implantation devices in men with ED.

The outpatient operative procedure takes about 45 minutes. Dr. Larish first makes a 1-inch cavity in the scrotum for inserting the penile pump. The patient needs to press the pump for pumping the semen into the genital organ (penis). Once the semen fills up the penis, the patient experiences an erection that endures.

Fifth Avenue Urology

Our team of urologists at Fifth Avenue Urology has been and continues to provide exceptional urological services to the young and old alike. Dr. Brodherson, who had a former Chief of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, and Dr. Yaniv M. Larish, erstwhile chief RMO in the urological department of the same hospital are committed to offering the best possible urological care.

Our urologists are capable of furnishing the best possible treatment for a wide gamut of complications affecting the urinary tract, including the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra. We offer treatment and care for erectile dysfunction, prolapsed uterus, prostatitis, and a host of other urological complications. All men with erectile dysfunction who visit our clinic are referred to Dr. Larish, a surgeon, and urologist, who has extensive experience of treating erectile dysfunction.


We suggest men suffering from ED to contact us as early as possible for an appointment with our urologists. Dr. Larish, who has several years of experience in successfully handling ED cases, is always willing to consult with patients on this issue.


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