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Do you need Prostatitis information? The prostate is a small walnut sized gland that is responsible for the secretion of seminal fluid. It nourishes the sperm as well as transports them out of the penis. On the other hand, prostatitis is a disease that swells the prostate gland and causes inflammation, leading to a slew of different symptoms and problems.

This condition is quite serious, and unfortunately quite common among men of ages 50 or younger.  It causes excruciating pain and makes it very hard for you to urinate; it is possible for you to experience flu like symptoms as well. And although the cause of prostatitis is usually never discovered, if the condition is because of a bacterial infection then it is very easily cured by antibiotics.

Symptoms of Prostatitis

Prostatitis - Prostate Urologist NYCSymptoms of prostatitis are plenty, so it is possible to experience this condition due to some other disease that you may have. With that said, here are some of the symptoms for prostatitis.

  1. Cloudy Urine
  2. Blood in the Urine
  3. Difficulty urinating or frequent urination
  4. Pain in the testicles, penis, groin, or abdomen
  5. Painful ejaculation

These are some of the symptoms of prostatitis that patients have often experienced as a result of their condition. But as the symptoms are quite straight forward, if not a little misleading, the causes for a prostatitis are very hard to pin down. That said, there are two very common causes for men getting this prostatitis, nerve damage and bacteria inside the prostate.

Risks of Prostatitis

Even if you don’t carry any of the symptoms of prostatitis, you are still at risk of contracting this condition due to a multitude of reasons. Here are a few reasons why you may be at risk of getting a prostatitis.

  1. Previous experience with prostatitis
  2. Having an infection in the bladder or sustaining trauma around the pelvic region
  3. Using a urinary catheter (inserting tubes in the urethra to drain the bladder)
  4. Previously had a Prostate Biopsy
  5. If you currently have HIV/AIDS

Of course this condition can happen regardless of any of the aforementioned risks. Men and boys of age 50 and under can be prone to getting this condition even if they have never had any experience with prostatitis.

Causes of Prostatitis

Bacteria cause of ProstatitisBacteria reach the prostate through the urine and can lead to a bacterial infection of the pancreas. This is very rare, but it is possible that the bacteria in your urine leaks into the prostate, causing prostatitis. Your urologist may use antibiotics to cure this bacterial infection. But if left unchecked the infection can recur or become chronic.

Another common cause for prostatitis is nerve damage in the lower urinary tract. This nerve damage is almost always a result of another illness or outside factors i.e. trauma to the area or some sort of surgery often leads to prostatitis.


Prostatitis is a very common disease that can turn out to be very serious if left unchecked for a long time. If left as it is, prostatitis can lead to a pus filled cavity in the prostate or even infertility.

So if you are experiencing most of the same symptoms as that of prostatitis, there is nothing a quick visit to urologist can’t fix. Visit our website to find out more about our incredibly talented urologists who can surely help you get better.

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