Future Outlook for Prostate Cancer Treatment

future-prostate-cancer-treatment-outlook-01All patients diagnosed with prostate cancer who visit our urology clinic, inevitably ask ‘what is the future outlook for prostate cancer treatment?’ Prostate cancer, like any other type of cancer, can be life-threatening, especially when it is an advanced stage. However, even the most experienced cancer specialists and urologists may not be able to say exactly how long prostate cancer will live.

Basic factors affecting the outlook for prostate cancer

Though it may be impossible to make an accurate prediction, an expert may be able to guesstimate a prostate cancer patient’s lifespan, following treatment. We predict the lifetime based on specific factors including:-

  • Effectiveness of the treatment: Effectiveness of the treatment is evidenced by whether the therapy helps to get rid of cancer or prevent it from metastasizing
  • PSA level: PSA assays, following diagnosis, could help keep a strict watch on the state of cancer as well as review whether the treatment is proving effective
  • Overall health: Patients with health issues may not be in a position to undergo treatment.
  • Consequently, they’re at greater risk of dying from cancer or other diseases
  • Treatment options: Treatment options could help remove cancer or keep it from spreading further
  • The cancer stage: When a patient reports for diagnosis, his cancer could be an advanced stage, locally advanced or localized

Outlook for Advanced Prostate Cancer

top-prostate-cancer-urologists-nyc-02Research and studies indicate that advanced stage prostate cancer is by and large incurable. Additionally, we know from experience that patients diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer have only a few years to live. However, if such patients opt for treatment periodically, they can control their affliction, and prolong their lifetime.

Treatment could also go a long way in monitoring and controlling the prostate cancer symptoms when it comes to choosing a treatment process, one-size-does-not-fit-all.  In other words, what works for one patient may not work for another. In this context, if a patient does not respond well to a specific treatment procedure, he should not feel dejected.

He could opt for other therapies, and more often than not, one of these will surely prove effective.

Outlook for Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

Men diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer could opt for treatment either to remove the tumor or keep it under wraps. We’ve observed that in many cases, cancer recurs within a few months after treatment. We recommend patients with recurrent patients to go for repeat treatments to prevent the malignancy from progressing.

Resorting to hormone therapy can be quite effective in controlling metastasis, often for many years. There are other therapeutic options in case hormone treatment does not work for some patients.

Outlook for Localized Prostate Cancer

nyc-top-urologist-prostate-cancer-treatment-03Localized prostate cancer pertains to the first stage of this type of cancer. At this stage, cancer progresses very slowly, and usually, the patient can do without any form of treatment. However, patients with localized prostate cancer can undergo treatment for getting rid of the carcinoma at the outset.

In rare cases, cancer can return, even after undergoing treatment. In such instances, choosing additional treatments seems to be the way to go.


Fortunately, if prostate cancer can be detected in the initial stages, the majority of patients could go on to live their normal lifespan.

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