5 Medical Conditions treated by NYC Urologists

top-conditions-treated-by-urologist-nyc-01There are many specialist branches of medicine, one of which is the field of urology. This article will discuss conditions treated by NYC urologists. Experts in urinary tract conditions, NYC urologists can deal with a variety of conditions and have the expertise and training to make speedy diagnoses and administer relevant treatment. People go to see urologists for a wide range of reasons, as there are many conditions that these specialists are trained to diagnose and deal with.

Some of the main issues dealt with by these experts

issues-to-see-urologist-about-02The range of conditions dealt with by urologists is varied and even includes consultations with men suffering from fertility issues. When you are experiencing urinary tract problems or related conditions, seeing a specialist urologist can ensure you get swift treatment and early relief from the problem you are experiencing. Some of the common conditions dealt with by these specialists include:


Incontinence issues:

Both men and women can suffer from incontinence issues and this is the result of problems with the urinary system. Those that suffer from incontinence are unable to control their bladder, which means that they can experience leakage or even full urination involuntarily.

Kidney problems:

If you suffer from kidney problems, it is important that steps are taken to seek advice as early on as possible. Kidney issues can become dangerous so the earlier the issue is diagnosed the better. Symptoms such as swollen ankles and hands as well as high blood pressure levels can indicate the presence of kidney issues.

Kidney stones:

Anyone that has ever suffered from kidney stones will know just how much pain this can cause. Once the stones have formed in the kidney, they can then enter the urethra, which is why early intervention is crucial from an experienced urologist. The presence of stones can then be confirmed and surgery arranged accordingly.


Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are one of the most common types of problem dealt with by urologists. These are bacterial infections that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort as well as symptoms such as burning sensation when you urinate. These infections can also lead to incontinence, so you should make sure you see an expert as soon as possible.top-urologist-nyc-treatment-conditions-specialist-03

Enlarged prostate:

Many older men suffer with an enlarged prostate, which can lead to a variety of problems if it is not addressed. A urologist will be able to check and ensure that the prostate is enlarged before arranging appropriate treatment.

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